Best smartphones under 30k

The technology has been upgrading like never before. Mobile phones have become the most prominent part of everyone’s life. All of us try to get a mobile phone for us which has all the qualities and features which can satisfy our day to day activities. Along with the most wanted features, we also look for the cheapest price possible. The price plays a major role in the determination of the smartphone that we need for our private use.

There are two types of people when it comes to buying a good smartphone. First type is the one who is ready to pay whatever price the smartphone comes with. All they look for is the best features and the most unique qualities in the smartphone. Second type is the one who always look for a good phone with cheap price as well as all good features. The smartphone industry have lately realized that the customers are looking more for such phones which are less in price but they have all required and good features. Nowadays, there are mobile phones which have good features but come under Rs. 30,000. The phones with this price range come with all the features you demand for in a mobile phone and you need not compromise with the features. The most important characteristics which we generally look for while selecting a mobile phone for us are battery life, camera quality and other modern features. Realme X2 Pro comes first in the list when we try to research more about the phones below 30k. The display size is 6.50inch along with 6 GB ram and 64 GB storage. You get the battery capacity of 4000mAH. Vivo V17 Pro stands second in the list. The display size is 6.44inch along with 8GB ram and 128GB storage. You get the battery life up to 4100Mah. Asus 6Z has also made it to the list where they are considered one of the best smartphones if you look for one under 30k. The display size of this smartphone is 6.40inch along with 6GB ram and 64GB storage. The battery life provided in it is 5000mAH.

Some people consider many reviews about the smartphones before buying one. It is important to consider all the features of the phones that you have shortlisted so that you can distinguish one from the other and select the best one for you.

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