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How To Clean Your PC From Harmful Viruses?

Here is How to Make Your PC Virus-Free?

The Question is how a virus can affect our computer or laptop.
The computer Viruses comprise of different types and they can badly affect your system important and crucial data. Even information theft!

The first type of virus is the one which affects your browser and changes your search engine. It is very easy to remove; simply uninstall any cracked tool or software you downloaded recently. And if that doesn’t work then try this method with following steps:

1: Go to Network and Sharing Center
2: Click on what is connected in front of Connections
3: Click on Properties
4: Click on Ipv4 and click on Properties
5: Click on Advanced
6: Click on DNS and if any DNS is added remove that.
This Will Fix your Search Engine issue. And search engine will be back to

HashMining virus, Second type.
Well! if you are interested in making money with Bitcoin or any other currency then don’t download any type of mining software; these are mostly injected with hash mining viruses which will affect your CPU usage and Internet as well. These type of software will get your PC hurt badly and some of these types of viruses don’t even go when you uninstall those so it’s better to install new windows and do partition without that it will be tough removing these type hash mining viruses.

The 3rd Virus type is KeyLogger
This is actually some kind of software when it is installed in your PC it takes out your typed data and sends it to the hacker. This Keylogger is also used to hack most of Facebook Profiles. It is easy to remove this type of virus. Just check what software have it and uninstall that and you will be likely safe.

RAT Virus, Very Dangerous!
This virus is very special it comes into most of the Cracked Software and tools. The Rat Virus is very powerful. This virus gives the access of your computer to the hacker and the hacker can easily access anything on your computer like personal data, Pictures and even if you have saved your passwords on browser he’ll get them. Even if you had your credit or master card saved, the hacker will get them. This type of virus can only be deleted by installing new windows. You can uninstall and remove it but it’s better to install new windows to be safe.
How To Protect Your PC From Viruses
I suggest you to always use a purchased anti-virus. Best option that you can have with no fee is Windows Defender which is one of the best anti-viruses.

Here is how to find and enable it.
Step 1: Click Window + R or go to start menu and open run
Step 2: Write Control Panel And Press Enter
Step 3: Change view by from category to Small Icons
Step 4: Click on Windows Defender

Step 5: Go to setting

Step 6: Turn On Real-time Protection

As you turn it on I suggest you do a full-time scan to your PC which you can find going back on Home.
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Updated: July 20, 2018 — 4:46 am

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