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Top 5 hosting’s to use in 2018

Top 5 hosting’s to use in 2018

Seem to be confused to make your business visible to everyone? Or wishing to raise your revenue while building the website or websites? Not the illusion at all! Just need to be witty in the sense to have the true and faithful set up along your expertise. For this purpose like other important things, you need the finest hosting. Good news for you is that here you are in the correct place to look and compare the Top 5 hosting sites.

Top 5 hosting sites including HostatHash, Digital Ocean, I page, Site-ground and Inmotion hosting let you raise yourself globally without fail and devotedly through their latest tech and tactics.

All of the above-mentioned hostings meant for the PERFORMANCE & SUPPORT to burst all the competitors with remarkable uptime (99.98 -99.99%) and THRILLING SPEED of loading.

Well, no need to worry about the VISIBILITY or ONLINE PRESENCE of YOUR site. As soon as you empower yourself with the PERFECT hosting/hosting no one can stop you to be the ONE in your ranking.

Hosting who is the best host to serve all the customers or clients? Who will satisfy all your needs? Who will help you with your site downfall? For all this only & only top 5 hosting serve you all. Sure-fire!

How can I forget my site’s downfall days? One night suddenly my site vanished from Google. I cried a lot for my efforts. When I came to know that my hosting support center may help me. I tried it with the fear of some of my inexperienced click or handling. But there the support center of  HostatHash lighten my path to the journey. Its efficient professional support not only helps me to recover my site but also guide me to be tricky and skilled for Google’s algorithm. Thanks to such caring & friendly hosting that saves me from big loss!

If you are starving due to insufficient knowledge of handling just review these top hostings to arrange the better inputs for guaranteed success.

1: HostatHash hosting

HostatHash Hosting Review July 2018

HostatHash being the superb hosting with 24/7 support let you manage your work with great devotion & dedication.

It stands to be one of the MOST DEDICATING hosting like the siteground.

However, its quick and fast response let you relax in difficulties as soon as possible.

The most important thing for everyone like you is the budget for the purchase. Now it lets you be happy with its AFFORDABLE rates.

Its enhanced qualities include:

  • 99% uptime
  • Make your site fully secure from the harms( breaches, hacker, spammer etc)
  • With good cPanel control

Hurrah! Almost it contains all the tools that you need to move forward with your PROGRESS.


2: Digital-Ocean-

Digital Ocean Hosting Review July 2018 

Digital hosting is the hosting that serves the developer a lot being excellent for experimentations.

However, you may get free10$ on signup. Therefore with this, you may use the droplet for 2 months. If you continue to sign up another email you may get $10 offer for next 2 months. So it proves to be the BEST for the experimentation for the development.

No doubt it’s productive to some extent but does not be panic while looking at the following facts. These are just the observations of the host advice site.

For your ease here is the user rating for digital ocean lets have the look:


  • Its Reliability got 5/10
  • For pricing its gained only 5.9 from 10
  • On behalf of friendliness, it stands at 5 over 10. Oh!
  • Even for support only 4.1 by 10

Alas! This hosting does not seem to be qualified for the companies. So, you being our priority just consider all these facts before deciding.

3: Ipage-hosting

Ipage hosting review july 2018

If you are the pioneer of small business then nothing is better than Ipage hosting. However, it’s the full-service domain that let you jig easily in the e-commerce.

It provides you:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • With PHP5
  • Its owned by EIG
  • Rare updates for better site loading.
  • Limitless email
  • Free domain
  • Let you select the 100s of pre-built website templates & themes.
  • Compatible to user’s mobile
  • Work as the optimized website builder
  • Allow shopping carts and PayPal integration

No doubt it’s the powerful website builder. Yet provide you effective working to build the online store. With several templates, you may get benefits. Suitable for the WordPress including blogs!

Better content management system like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento!

Fantastic customer service!

The whole of its team is working to make you happy and calm in difficult situations. Work for 24/7 through chat, phone or ticketing. Get it the way you like.

Indeed it’s cheaper and slower that’s make it looser over site-ground. As the straight suggestion, it CAN NOT run at LARGER SCALE.

4: Site-ground-hosting

Site ground hosting review july 2018

Remarkably working hosting to satisfy your maximum needs is the site ground hosting.



  • Site ground servers are SUPER FAST
  • Uptime is almost 100%
  • The support center is more ACTIVE & HELPFUL
  • Tons of WordPress qualities
  • Let you enjoy its matchless plans like StartUp vs.GrowBig vs. GoGeek
  • Plus allow you FREE migration
  • Easy to use.
  • The faster than page loading.

So, proves to be the winner over the Ipage hosting.

On Facebook Poll siteground rated as # 1 though it was done by WordPress Hosting Facebook Group along 7500 constituents. Not a single vote for the ipage in this poll.


  • Siteground is with PHP7
  • Use the HTTP/2 servers
  • Let you enjoy Cloud flare activation through ONLY 1 click.

Moreover, its SG optimizer plugin keeps your site updates with its modern PHP version. So, far as if you concern its support center it responses usually in less than 10mins through tickets.

It’s average load time 1.3% stands for the instant speed improvement.

More preference for this is because of its GTmetrix/Pingdom reports that are the Great and will make you  the voter of Siteground.


5: Inmotion-hosting

InMotion Hosting Review July 2018


Indeed inmotion hosting is also serving well for the well-management and good working of the trades.

No matter you are dealing with small or big business. Its aim is just to help you to grow with daily backups and the faster speed.

Again you may have pleasures of it like

  • 10x more traffic
  • Burstable RAM
  • SSD server etc

In short, all above described top 5 hostings HELP you to be in TOP in your goals. As these are

  • Well-managed
  • Provide relatively good results
  • all are effective in different ways
  • prices worth for operational analysis
  • help you to work with quality

But…in the end, the choice is yours according to your need!

Updated: July 29, 2018 — 4:46 pm

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